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- Civil Society in the capital of 621 992 euros;
- RCS Toulon registered under number B 318 771 623;
- Registered office:  83870 Signes;
- N ° VAT: FR 37434900155;
- SIRET: 434 900 155 000 20

Section 1 - Personal Data
1.1 Use of personal data collected on the site
LE ROULEMENT society undertakes to preserve the confidentiality of information provided online by the user by filling in forms on the site.
The personal data collected by the company are required LE ROULEMENT commercial management of your applications.
The mandatory nature of the information requested is specified, the default response will result in the non-processing your request.

1.2 Intended personal data collected on the site
This information is intended for use by LE ROULEMENT, Internet users (only the contents of the "Comments") and society partners LE ROULEMENT.
Indeed, the personal data collected on the site may be transmitted, gratuitously or for consideration, to third persons or entities contractually bound to society LE ROULEMENT for commercial purposes.
This information and data are also stored for security purposes, to meet legal and regulatory obligations.

1.3 Right of access, rectification, opposition and cancellation
You have, in accordance with the law "and Freedoms" of January 6, 1978 amended in 2004, a right of access, rectification, modification, cancellation and opposition of your personal data.
You can exercise this right by contacting us via our contact form or by sending a letter to LE ROULEMENT Parc d’Activités de Signes, 48 avenue de Paris, 83870 Signes;. We will take the precaution to verify your identity before granting you access to your personal data or to respond to your requests.

Article 2 - Intellectual property
Using the company's website LE ROULEMENT confers no right on this site and / or its contents, only a strictly personal use of this site and its content is permitted.
This site and all its elements such as domain names, trademarks, general structure, texts, graphics, images, databases, tree and site navigation, logos, graphic, sound, photographs and illustrations, and all other graphical elements, sound or other reproduced on the site or included within it, are the exclusive property of the Company LE ROULEMENT, regardless of their possible protection the current state of the law, a copyright or otherwise, with the exception of elements from society partners LE ROULEMENT.
Any reproduction and / or representation and / or distribution, in whole or in part, in any electronic or not, present or future, the Site and / or any of its content to be prohibited unless prior written and express LE ROULEMENT society.
Any person contravening this prohibition commits his criminal and civil liability and may be pursued in particular on the basis of the infringement and / or unfair competition.
Similarly, the databases to which the site provides access are protected in particular by


Articles L.341-1 and following of the Code of Intellectual Property. Any extraction or re-utilization of all or a substantial part, understood quantitatively or qualitatively, the data included in these databases is subject to the prior written consent of the Company LE ROULEMENT.
The data included in these databases are available to the public only for pure consultation. As a result, any extraction or reuse of data that is not strictly necessary and only for that purpose, and therefore made for purposes other than mere consultation, without the prior written LE ROULEMENT, would exceed the normal use databases of the LE ROULEMENT.
Any violation of the foregoing provisions is a violation of the rights recognized by the law of the producer database and, therefore, is likely to engage the civil and criminal liability of the perpetrator.

Article 3 - Cookies
3.1 Session cookie used for statistical purposes
This site is designed to be particularly attentive to your needs. This is one reason why it is made use of session cookies.
The purpose of a cookie is to indicate your presence on the site, particularly for protecting access to your account as well as statistical analysis and audience measurement site.
The cookie does not identify you personally, the cookie is a text file that records information about the navigation of your computer on our site (the pages you consulted, the date and time of access, etc. .). You can read it, destroy it, or change it.
The shelf life of this information in your computer is one year.

3.2 Deleting cookies on your computer
You can delete cookies stored on your computer using the following procedures depending on the browser you use.
Caution: If you do not accept session cookies, you will not see the ads or place an ad.
- For Microsoft Internet Explorer 7 and 6:
1. Choose the "Tools" menu (or "Tools"), then "Internet Options" (or "Internet Options").
2. click the "Privacy" tab (or "Confidentiality")
3. Select the desired level using the cursor.
- For Firefox:
1. choose the menu "Tools" then "Options"
2. Click the "Privacy"
3. Find the "Cookies" menu and select the options that suit you.
- For Opera:
1. choose the menu "File" then "Preferences"
2. Private life
Article 4 - Liability
LE ROULEMENT society can not be held responsible for errors or omissions in the information disseminated or technical problems on the site and all other websites to which we link, or any interpretation of the information published on these sites, the consequences of their use.
Responsibility LE ROULEMENT society can not be sought in respect of the quality or specifications of the products or services offered by partners (finance, insurance products, shops, ...) or advertisers (vehicles of used or new, spare parts, various services to the automobile, ...).
The use of information, messages or data of any kind available through the Site is the sole responsibility of the user and the decisions or actions that one would be led to take or carry this information into account do not engage responsibility other than that of the user. In particular, the user is solely responsible for its decision to subscribe to a paid service offered by LE ROULEMENT.
The user is solely responsible for the use made of the site and its content, and more generally any use or operation made from his account.

Article 5 - Moderation
Society LE ROULEMENT moderate post comments that are immediately accessible to all Internet users when sent by Internet service users.
LE ROULEMENT society strives to remove, to delete any message objectionable, or that do not comply with the basic rules of an open and constructive debate, its editorial line and / or the Terms of use, as quickly as possible, although it is impossible to review all messages.
LE ROULEMENT company reserves the right to immediately remove, without notice, any contribution that is not related to the topic of discussion, contrary to the Charter of use, contrary to ordre public or morality, which would likely violate the rights of another person or his, or which would be contrary to the legal and regulatory provisions in force.
LE ROULEMENT company also reserves the right to exclude, immediately and permanently, any user not complying with its rules, its Terms of use and delete his personal account.
Comments editorial articles published on the site by users express the personal opinions of their respective authors. The company intends to do LE ROULEMENT any approval or disapproval of these comments, and can not be held responsible for the content of these messages it is not the author.
LE ROULEMENT Corporation assumes no liability for the quality and content of legal compliance, any kind (text, sounds, videos, graphics, photos or other) broadcast by the service users.



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